Ain't Nothin' Like Eatin' The Pecans From Heaton

Thank you for all your orders during the 2017 holidays. Online ordering is now closed for the season. Continue to browse our yummy products and make your plans for the 2018 holiday season! That's it in a Nutshell!

Heaton Pecans are a gift that are always appreciated and especially so during the Holiday Season. They are a perfect snack to munch on in front of a warm, log fire or a TV program. Plain pecans are delicious. Roasted, glazed and cinnamon spiced halves make tasty party snacks. Serve an assortment of pecans, pistachio nuts and extra large cashews. Our new crop Mammoth Halves and Pieces make irresistible candies, cookies, pastries and the all-time Southern favorite, Karo Pecan Pie.