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Using traditional methods and values passed down through generations, we take pride in harvesting pecans for customers across the country.

That's it in a NUTSHELL!

Our family has been growing pecans in the Mississippi Delta for over 40 years. We take pride in producing the highest quality pecans using traditional methods and values passed down through generations. From pollination to harvest and beyond, great care goes into every step of the process.

Our pecans are nurtured from seedling to maturity in rich Mississippi soil under natural conditions. We avoid pesticides or artificial enhancements so you enjoy all-natural pecans bursting with authentic flavor. During harvest season, pecans are handpicked when ripeness peaks then extensively cleaned, sanitized, and sorted on-site. Only the finest selections make their way to you. We carefully roast pecans in small batches, getting the temperature and timing just right to draw out the rich, buttery flavor. From grove to package, we take personal pride in providing superior pecans cultivated naturally right here in Mississippi.

Ain't nothin' like eatin' the pecans from Heaton!

Heaton Pecans are a gift that is always appreciated and especially so during the Holiday Season. They are a perfect snack to munch on in front of a warm, log fire or while watching TV with the family. Plain pecans are delicious. Roasted & Salted pecans, praline-glazed pecans, and cinnamon-spiced pecan halves make wonderful party snacks. Our new crop Mammoth Halves and Pieces make irresistible candies, cookies, pastries, and the all-time Southern favorite, Karo Pecan Pie. The chocolate-covered pecan halves have become one of our most popular items and keep people coming back for more.

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Treat yourself to our premium, Mississippi Delta-grown pecans – the perfect gift or snack – lovingly cultivated by our family for over 40 years.
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    Get in touch with the pecan experts here at Heaton Pecans. Our family has been growing and harvesting the finest pecans for over 40 years in the Mississippi Delta. Whether you want to place a bulk order, have a shipping question, or need more information about our pecans, our team is ready to help.

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